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The Exeter Inquisition is a weekly club for wargamers.

What do you play?

40k, Warhammer, Infinity, Warmachine, Malifaux and more...


Updated 1st October 2012.

The new venue for the Exeter Inquisition is now confirmed as the Scout HQ in Ashton Road, Marsh Barton. The first meeting will be on Tuesday 16th October.

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The easiest way to get there by car is to drive along Alphington Road and turn into Marsh Barton Road by Exeter Retail Park, where Currys can be seen on the corner. Then, before the traffic lights turn right into Ashton Road, just before the Vauxhall dealership. Follow the road all the way to the end as it curves around to the left, the Scout HQ is the very last unit in the row:

The way in is the white door to the right of the roller door.

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New Club Website

The new site is up and ready to test, please register here: http://beta.exeter-inquisition.org/user/register

The forum and calendar are running, image upload isn't really done yet.

Please make an account there ASAP, once enough people have signed up I'll move this site to archive.exeter-inquisition.org and point exeter-inquisition.org to the new site.



Moving to Iron Haven Games

As of Tuesday 7th June 2011, the Exeter Inquisition will be meeting at Iron Haven Games in Marsh Barton.

Some photos of the new venue:

Nut Up or Shut Up 2

Time: Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June 2011

Place: Queen Elizabeth's Community College, Crediton, Devon (near Exeter)

Postcode: EX17 3LU

GT Group Pano 2009

GT Group Pano 2009